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About Sealright - Your Trusted New York Home Energy Auditor

The home energy auditor that New York continues to trust time and time again is Sealright. Find out how we continue to provide our customers with the best services carried out by the perfectly curated team.

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Sealright's Mission

Our mission has always been to provide exactly what our customers need. We understand the importance that homeowners put into the place they have worked so hard to obtain which is why we always want our customers to be able to make the most of their spaces. Sealright also knows that losing money on ill-performing parts of your home like ducts or windows can be so disheartening to a homeowner. So we always work to make what you need from your home happen through our wonderful services

Services From Sealright

As a home energy auditor, Sealright offers many great services that can give you back the home you know and love. The tests we can carry out, including duct blast testing and blower door testing, are great diagnostic techniques that can pinpoint where you are losing airflow and, therefore, save you money as we advise you on how to best decrease energy waste. The techniques and equipment that we can give you accurate results and measurements. We pride ourselves on the standard we hold ourselves to when it comes to the services we perform.

The Sealright Team

Our technicians can't be found in any other company based in New York. Sealright's team is highly experienced in all the services we provide, so you know that the person treating your home has the knowledge you'll need to get your house fighting fit again. In addition to being highly trained, our team is made up of the friendliest people you'll meet, let alone have work on your home. So, be sure that your home energy audit in New York is done by our team, a group of friendly people dedicated to giving you the energy efficiency you deserve.

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