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Frequently Asked Home Energy Audit Questions - Answered By Sealright

What Does Your Home Energy Audit Include?

The energy audit that Sealright performs is looking for the efficiency of your home by finding ways that your home's air system could be leaking from unsealed parts of your house. There are several tests that our team performs to test the efficiency like blower door testing and duct blast testing.

Why Should I Include Energy Audit Services In My Commercial Business?

Sealright is known for more than just our home energy audit in New York, because we can offer energy audits for commercial businesses. This is an important service for every commercial business because the costs of poor energy performance could be a huge drain on your business.

How Much Could An Energy Audit Save Me Every Month?

According to the US Department of Energy, the amount you can save from simply diagnosing and repairing points of leakiness that can make your home less energy efficient is anywhere from 10%-20% on annual heating and cooling bills.

How Can I Change My Energy Consumption?

Changing your energy consumption is easy when you trust Sealright's home energy audit because we can pinpoint parts that may need to be sealed or replaced to give your home better efficiency.

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