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The Difference Home Air Sealing Can Make

No homeowner wants to put their home or family at risk of unpreparedly battling the weather changes, but it can be hard to know the best way to improve your home. Home air sealing is a great solution and starting point to getting your home protecting you as it should. For a thrifty solution to improve your home and save some cash on heating and cooling costs, you should look into home air sealing.

The difference home air sealing can make

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The difference home air sealing can make

Diagnosing Air Leakage

Air leakage is caused by unsealed areas of your home that will allow conditioned air to slip outside or warm outside air to enter your home. The result can be anything from uncomfortable living conditions to moisture build-up leading to mold growth and damage. With all the problems air leakage can produce, every homeowner would want a reliable way to diagnose the issue. Luckily, a home energy audit is just that.

This is a process that allows for a technician to pinpoint where leakage may be originating from. Blower door testing will lower the pressure in your home to the point that outside air rushes through the unsealed area where it can be revealed by a smoke pen, a tool that can show the airflow by emitting smoke. Air leakage could also come from your ducts, which can be found using a duct blast test. A home energy audit can be the best way to be able to find where the air in your home is escaping from.

Problem Areas

While a home energy audit is necessary, being able to recognize problem spots in your own home is a great skill to have. There are many areas that the United States Department of Energy (USDOE) classify as "common trouble spots" that could be your source of air leakage. A few of these problem areas to keep an eye out for are:

  • Attics
  • Porch roof
  • Flue or chimney
  • Ducts
  • Windows and doors

Benefits of Air Sealing

Air sealing can make many differences around your home, such as:

  • Increase durability
  • Lower costs
  • Improve comfort

The goal of every person who owns a home is to ensure that their home lasts for as many years as possible. Fortunately, air sealing can be a big help with that. With air leaking in and out, there is a transfer of moisture, too. This moisture is incredibly harmful to surfaces and can contribute to their early demise. Sealing up any air leaks will give your home longevity.

If air is escaping to the outdoors or outside air is coming in, your heating and cooling systems are having to work much harder to get to the temperature you need. This is not only a drain on the durability of these systems, it's costing you. The USDOE estimates that if you have air leakage in your home, you could be paying up to 10-20% more annually than you should be. If you take air sealing seriously, that means cash in your pocket!

No one should have to feel uncomfortable in their own home, but that may be what you experience with leaks. Don't worry, though. Say goodbye to poor air quality from outdoor air entering your home and wave farewell to horrible drafts in those chilly months. Sealing up leaks can make it so you enjoy being in your house again. Comfort has returned.

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