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When you suspect your New York home may not be as energy-efficient as it could be, Sealright is the home energy audit company that can diagnose your home's problem with the specialized services we provide. A home energy audit is a process in which a technician performs tests to find solutions to maximize energy efficiency in a home. This is a very important service to have carried out on your home as it can save you a significant amount of money as well as increase comfort and safety in your home.

Your energy audit will help you to determine several types of improvements that could be made based on what our specialists can discover. Our specialists can recommend things that will be strategically beneficial to your home, like recommending replacement of poorly sealing windows, failing insulation, or a weak exhaust fan. We will work with you to identify the thing that may be causing problems and advice for replacement or repair. For your New York home energy audit, Sealright is the best company to choose due to the wonderful services and advice we can supply. Learn more about our services and see what we can do to improve your home in all manners of ways.

Blower door testing

Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing is the process of lowering the pressure of your house by attaching an adjustable frame with a large fan on it to a door that leads to the outside. This can help to determine where the air in your home is escaping from, whether it be windows, doors, or the attic.

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Duct blast testing

Duct Blast Testing

Duct blast testing is a test performed by our technicians that involves pressurizing the ducts in your home and measuring how much the fan has to work to do that. The more it takes to pressurize, the leakier your ducts are, which can be a huge suck on energy in a home.

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