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When you have a suspicion that you may not be making the most of your New York home's energy, blower door testing can help to diagnose the problems you may be having. Sealright is the best company for a home energy audit for New York residents because of our dedication to providing you with the top-notch testing and advice that we have become known for. We're all about performing these tests using the best available technology and the techniques that only come from years of experience our technicians have. Contact Selaright for any of our home audit testings, whether it be a blower door test or a duct blast test.

Blower door testing

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Blower door testing

What Happens During Blower Door Testing?

A blower door test is a process that your Sealright technician will perform to help detect where you could be losing air out of your home, meaning your home is using more energy than necessary. Your technician will first close all doors and windows to simulate the configuration your home would be in during cold weather. Then, the main door is opened and an adjustable frame covered with a taut tarp is fitted into the door frame. This frame contains a hole for a fan that is directed outside. Your technician will turn the fan on which will direct the air from in your home outside which will begin to lower the pressure inside the home.

Your technician can then do several things. There is an instrument attached to the blower door that can put out measurements your technician can read and record. This measurement is called "air changes per hour (ACPH)" and the number obtained after calculations will show how much air is escaping through unsealed parts of your home. They may use what's called a smoke pen, which is an instrument that emits smoke and can be used to find points of the home where the air is escaping.

How Can Blower Door Testing Help Me?

There are several benefits to the information you can learn from a blower door test performed by the competent team at Sealright. Improving the airtightness of your home can bring many good things your way that can only be discovered with the services we complete. The most obvious aid that sealing your home provides is reducing energy costs from the air that escapes from spaces that aren't sealed.

Also, if the air is coming in and out of your home, you can bet moisture is too, this can cause problems from mold to rot. There is also the benefit of simply having a more comfortable home. You can finally be rid of those drafts that make your home less cozy than it could be. All these great pluses for your home can be yours when you trust Sealright, the company that does the home energy audit for New York homes.

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