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Duct Blast Testing For Your New York Home Or Business

If you are a New York homeowner that requires duct blast testing because you feel you are experiencing duct leakage and paying the price for it, you should contact Sealright so our team can set you straight. You can't go wrong with Sealright's home energy audit in New York because we make it our mission to provide the services you need to make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Sealright has assembled a team that has years of combined experience and, combined with top-of-the-line equipment will ensure we get accurate readings that will help us to pinpoint exactly where your home needs repairs or sealing. All of our customers that are experiencing energy loss can benefit not only from duct blast testing but blower door testing as well.

Duct blast testing

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Duct blast testing

Problems Caused By Duct Leakage

Many issues can be caused by air leaking for your duct, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Leaks in ducts in areas of your home like your attic could mean that you're paying to air condition a room of your home that doesn't need it
  • Leaky ducts can also cause your home to feel too warm and clammy in humid climates, or incredibly drafty in cold climates even with A/C running
  • Ducts with leaks may bring in outside air including dust, dirt, and moisture into your home causing damage or allergies

Benefits Of Duct Blast Testing

A duct blast test is a process involving attaching a sealed calibrated fan to a duct to pressurize a home's entire duct system and measuring how much of that air is escaping. A technician can then pinpoint the places that the air is escaping from and recommending repairs for those spots.

The benefits of this test are numerous. One of the most appealing things this testing can help with is increasing energy efficiency and performance equating to you saving a significant amount of money. Studies show that air leakage from ducts in the home can account for close to 30% of air loss total, which is something that can be targeted and rectified by the technician performing your duct blast testing. Solving all of the problems leaky ductwork causes and reaping the benefits of identifying and solving those problems is as easy as contacting Sealright for your next home energy audit.

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