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Beacon: Sealright's Home Energy Audit Will Blow You Away

If you're interested in becoming more energy efficient in your home, contact Sealright's team for our excellent home energy audit services. It's no secret to us that your home means a lot to you, which is why we are always so honored to be the company you call for your home energy audit service. We work with the homeowners we are contacted by to hear the concerns they may have and help them in every way we can. There isn't a home we have visited yet that hasn't found the information we find out to be helpful. Beacon residents should make the most of Sealright's quality home energy audit services.

Blower door testing

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Blower door testing

Beacon Blower Door That Won't Let You Down

To have a truly energy-efficient home, you must eliminate leaks in your home. Usually found around windows and doors, outside air will enter your home uninvited causing drafts and moisture buildup. Maintaining or reaching a temperature you set your heating or cooling system becomes very difficult and is a big strain on the systems. Seeing as they are so impactful on so many elements of your home, trusting Sealright for this test is the best way to go. Your technician will execute blower door testing. To detect leaks, the pressure in your home is lowered, forcing the outside air to rush through the crack more vigorously than normal, making them much easier to detect. The crack will need to be repaired and sealed once they are discovered.

Your Beacon Home Will Love Duct Blast Testing

Energy loss can be caused by multiple issues around your home. One such source is leaking ductwork. Though the leaks may not be noticeable by you, they can add up to a big problem for your home, making it so your air systems have a difficult time working because of the extreme energy loss. This extra work your air systems must do can be severely damaging and cut their lifespan by years, not to mention the extra costs that it will cause annually. Measuring energy loss through these leaks can be accomplished through duct blast testing, a test that forces air through the duct system to measure and detect leaks. If you'd like to stop letting your ductwork make your home uncomfortable and losing you money, contact Sealright and we can help set you straight.

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