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A Home Energy Audit That Will Give Your Carmel Home Energy Efficiency

You should contact Sealright because of the wonderful benefits a home energy audit can bring you. It is always in our mind how vital your home is to you and your family, and we work to help you continue to feel that way as it serves you. If your energy consumption is much higher than it should be and you find yourself losing money for a low performing heating a cooling system, a home energy audit can identify where things are going wrong. We pride ourselves on providing valuable information for homeowners on sources of reduced energy efficiency. Carmel residents can take advantage of all the testing we offer and see the difference it makes.

Duct blast testing

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Duct blast testing

The Only Blower Door Testing In Carmel That You Can Trust

When your home is airtight, your home is likely to be more energy-efficient than a home that has leaks. A leaky home will mean outside air entering your home, leading to drafts during cold weather and moisture build-up when warm. This makes your heating and cooling system have to work harder to maintain temperature. A problem area for these leaks is frequently doors and windows leading to the outside. Locating these leaks on your own is nearly impossible, but your technician will have the expertise and equipment to locate them much more easily. Blower door testing is the process our team uses to locate leaks which entails lowering the pressure in the home by way of a large fan to allow the outside air to rush in strongly and to be detected more without difficulty. This will show you the places that need repairs or replacement to eliminate leaks.

Duct Blast Testing To Aid Your Carmel Home

There is another area that could be causing your home to be less energy efficient than it should: your ductwork. Leaking ductwork will lead to your home taking considerably longer to meet the temperature you set because the leaks will mean you are filling up areas of your home with air that you don't need to, especially if you have leaks in places like your garage or attic. Not treating this issue will not only lose you money but significantly drain the durability of your heating and cooling system over time. Duct blast testing is the test used to locate these weak leaking points. By forcing air through your ductwork, it rushes out of these leaks and will allow for your technician to detect them. When this test is carried out by a skilled technician from Sealright, you're sure to get the information you need to avoid dysfunctional ductwork.

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