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Treat Your Clarkstown Home To A Home Energy Audit

To make your home more energy-efficient, you need a home energy audit conducted by Sealright, so contact us today. The work we do is top-notch because we understand how important your home is to you and your family. Our team is here to work with you to meet your expectations and find issues that may be affecting your energy output. Every home energy audit we perform has improved a homeowner's understanding of their home and the problems facing it. If you live in Clarkston or a community in Rockland County, you too can enjoy what we can provide to you.

Blower door testing

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Blower door testing

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Air tightness is a sign that your home will have good energy efficiency. If your home is not air tight, air will flow freely between the outside and inside of your home. This can lead to moisture buildup, drafts, and the overworking of your heating and cooling system. These leaks can be almost anywhere but are commonly found in doors and windows. Without the expertise and equipment of a professional, locating these leaks is nearly impossible. This is why we offer blower door testing, a process that involves making the pressure lower in your house and locating the leaks by using a smoke pen to find the streams of outside air entering your home. This will show you exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced to seal up those spots.

Clarkstown Homeowners Know Sealright's Duct Blast Testing

Another problem area that can potentially be filled with dozens of leaks is your ductwork. If your ductwork is leaking, it could take twice as long to heat or cool your home because airflow is escaping through cracks to places that don't need airflow like your attic or garage. Leaving an issue like this is a dangerous game to play as you are paying significantly more to accommodate the air loss. The process of duct blast testing is fairly simple but highly specialized. Air is pushed through your vents by way of a fan and leaks are detected by monitoring where this air escapes. This test could be the difference in having to shovel out a ton of money each year to make up for terrible ductwork.

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