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Energy Efficiency Is Just One Step Away for Your Kingston Home With Sealright's Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit from Sealright will aid you in becoming more energy-efficient, so contact us and let us get started. Our team is forever grateful to be able to serve those that we do because we know the value you place on the home you live in. Our home energy audit services have helped countless homeowners in making their homes more energy-efficient, saving them money annually. The information we provide is invaluable to any home experiencing air loss and an overworked air system. We highly recommend Kingston residents take advantage of our great home energy audit services.

Blower door testing

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Blower door testing

Trustworthy Blower Door Testing For Kingston Residents

The most energy-efficient homes have the fewest leaks. This is due to reduced outside air entering the home through unsealed places, generally windows and doors. This translates to the heating and cooling systems in your home having to work much harder to reach and maintain temperature. So, you can see why locating these leaks is so essential, but doing it on your own isn't something you'll be successful at. Blower door testing is a process that is completed by lowering the pressure of your home with the use of a large fan and when outside air rushes into the cracks of unsealed areas, they can be located by your technician. Discovering these leaking points is your first step to repairing your home and living more energy efficiently.

Duct Blast Testing To Aid Your Kingston Home

Unfortunately, blower door testing will not solve all of your air loss problems as your ductwork could be the source of your excessive energy consumption. Leaking ductwork can be more of a problem than you realize. Lots of small leaks add up to air escaping into places you don't need it too like your attic or garage meaning you are spending much more to keep your living spaces comfortable. There is more than just money at stake, though, the longevity of your heating and cooling systems is also threatened by the extra work. Duct blast testing is a great service to have performed as, through the use of a large fan, your ducts are pressurized and air loss can be measured. Searight's team is going to do everything to help get your home back on its feet and end energy loss.

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