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Middletown's Pros In Home Energy Audit Services

If you value the idea of making your home more energy-efficient, contact Sealright to make that dream come true. We stand by our mission to provide each home we visit with a home energy audit to the standard we wish to have in our own homes. You'll be involved every step of the way to make the most of the experience and give you the information you need to make a difference. We are happy to work with new customers in Middletown and many other communities in the Orange County area.

Duct blast testing

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Duct blast testing

Middletown's Authority on Blower Door Testing

When considering how energy efficient a home is, the first test is generally to assess how well-sealed your home is. The goal is to try to make it as airtight as possible to avoid air leaking in or out of your home through any unsealed points in your home. Often, the origin of these leaks is a door or windows, so those are places that should be checked. With blower door testing, this is too difficult. A specialist will lower the pressure of your home, meaning outside air will be directed inside and can be easily detected through the use of a smoke pen. You can then be aware of where these holes in your home's defense are and address them.

Excellent Duct Blast Testing For Middletown Homes

Another problem area of a home is frequently the ductwork. Leaking duct worth can be a huge demand on your heating and cooling systems meaning it could take a long time to heat or cool your home. Another concern is that leaky duct systems will output airflow to areas that don't need it. You could be paying to air condition your attic if you leave a duct problem undiagnosed. Duct blast testing will open your eyes to the leaks as your technician forces air through your duct and out of the unsealed areas, making them easier to spot. This test will ensure that the leaky thief in your ductwork is no more.

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