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Orange County's #1 for Home Energy Audit Services

If you need a home energy audit performed on your Orange County home, you should contact Sealright and let us help you. We have many great services that can diagnose any issues you may be having and find solutions to save you money and time. We are happy to be able to serve the following communities in Orange County in their home energy audit needs:

  • Middletown
  • Newburgh
  • Port Jervis
  • Blooming Grove
  • Chester
Blower door testing

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Blower door testing

Best Blower Door Testing in Orange County

Blower door testing is a process that the technicians at Sealright can perform for you. This diagnostic test involves fitting a frame into an open door leading outside and lowering the pressure of your home using a large fan attached to the frame. This will allow your technicians to find out how airtight your home is and locate air leaks. Blower door testing is a great start to saving money, adding durability to your home, and making your home comfortable.

Duct Blast Testing for Orange County That Delivers

Duct blast testing is another one of our services we can carry out for your Orange County home. In this type of test, your ducts are pressurized to help locate leaks. If you've been feeling that your home's heating or cooling system hasn't been doing all it should, this could be because air is escaping to places like your attic and keeping the rest of your home from getting enough air.

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