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Sealright Is Putnam County's Best In-Home Energy Audit Services

When it comes to your Putnam County home, you can't afford to go to anyone but the team at Sealright because we're the ones that deliver every time. It is our mission that each customer we serve reaps all the rewards possible. We work to find every issue you've been having and help you meet the standard of energy consumption that works best for you. Customers in Putnam County benefit from our home energy audit services, which is why we offer them to the following Putnam County communities:

  • Carmel
  • Kent
  • Paterson
  • Philipstown
  • Putnam Valley
Duct blast testing

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Duct blast testing

Putnam County's Choice For Blower Door Testing

The airtightness of your home is an important factor in determining how energy efficient it is overall. Unsealed elements of your home like windows or doors will allow cool air to escape and warm air to flood in. However, an end can be put to this with blower door testing. This is a test that allows your Sealright technician to depressurize your home and measure how much air is escaping as well as pinpoint where the leaks are. Then, the Sealright team can advise you on how best to proceed to make your home more airtight.

Duct Blast Testing That Putnam County Can Count On

One of the other professional services that we're able to offer is called duct blast testing. During this test, your ducts are given more pressure than the outside air, and leaks are then easily detected as the pressurized air is forced through these leaking points. Leaky ducts can present themselves in several ways, like your home taking longer than usual to heat or cool, a room that isn't a living area having conditioned air, such as an attic. Whatever it ends up being, Sealrigth, using duct blast testing can help to solve the problem.

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